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Available on EUW, EUNE, NA, TR, RU, LAN, LAS and OC only.

Why you should choose ESports Moodle

If you choose us you will be choosing the NO.1 League Boosting service. We have the best boosters, the fastest service and the highest winning ratio. This is why:

Best boosters

All of our boosters are Diamond I - Challenger in current season. They will play their best role to boost your account and secure the high win ratio.

Safest service

We are 100% legitimate and 100% safe. We have NEVER had a single customer banned. We make it look like you are the one playing with our in-house VPN software. Our boosters are professional and will never speak to anyone while boosting your account.

Fastest speed

Thanks to our high quality booster team. We allow multiple boosters to play your account. All of them can carry the game hard. If you want, your account will never rest.

Easiest communication

We have great tools to help you enjoy the boosting process and for communicating with our players. Once you make a profile on our site, you will have access to a chat with your booster, a self-updated match history tool and a way to talk to the admins directly from your profile. Feel free to ask your booster questions via the chat and check your progress on your boost at any time.

Play whenever you want

We allow our customers to Pause and Resume your order, and as long as your account is paused our players will not play on your account. This way you can go play a few normal or custom games and still play on your main account.

Learn whatever you need

After the boost service, customers will get a 10% discount code for our coach service. Do you want to better enjoy the game in your new Tier/Division? Do you even want to improve your ELO by yourself? Why not try our coach service with a cheaper price?

How to order ?


You need to enter your Summoner Name and Server. The website will automatically search for your account statistics in order to calculate a correct price for the difficulty level. If the system cannot detect it, please entry your tier, division and IP manually.


Click "Confirm & Pay" - you will be redirected to payment page. Choose your payment method and complete your payment.


Once you finish your payment, you will be redirected to ESports Moodle and enter the final page of the order. This is where you will give us the information we need to log in on your account and start boosting.

Why do you sell wins ?

Because of the recent change of the ranking system, it becomes very hard for us to estimate the correct price for your order, as it depends on your hidden MMR. Selling wins is the best way to keep everything fair and honest between customers and players. If we lose a game on your account, it counts as -1 win. If you order 10 wins and our boosters lose 3 games, we will win 13 games. So basically, we won't stop playing on your account until we have 10 more victories than defeats. Because of the recent change of the ranking system.

How does it work ?

From now on, ESport Moodle's pro players will be able to connect and start playing on your account. Our experts will always respect you and won't use your account for their personal purpose. They are not allowed to "Add Friends", use your IP/RP without asking you first, or talk to anyone (except for in-game purposes obviously).

Do you have
a question ?

Feel free to check frequent questions asked by our customers.