Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose EsportMoodle for coaching?

EsportsMoodle has been working inside the coaching aspect for League of Legends for multiple years. We simply understand what a player is expecting from a coach and therefore when looking for coaches, we don't look for very good players but extremely good players who have the ability to explain themselves and be able to let their client know what they are doing right and wrong.

How do I find the right coach?

When entering the coaching page, you'll find drops down menus for the server you play on, role you would like to learn primary and the language. After filtering out the coaches, you'll have to choose which coach you think best suits you. Each coach will explain what their goals are whilst teaching you and a little about themselves. After this, you should be able to find a coach which suits you.

How to pay?

Currently we accept Paypal, Mastercard and Visa as payment methods. For those that do not have any of the following may still want to look at Paypal if you live in inside the NA region, you could use a MoneyPak. From there, you use a MoneyPak to fund your Paypal account and therefore use Paypal as a form of payment.

Will the Coach get in contact with me?

Whenever the payment is confirmed, EsportsMoodle will contact the coach which you have paid, a client is waiting to be coached. It is in their interest to talk to you as soon as possible. This will all be done via inside EsportsMoodle thou you may be asked to install Skype so you have a way to talk to the coach.

What happens if my coach does not come?

As EsportsMoodle holds your funds, if a coach does not get back to you inside 48 hours, you have the ability to ask the support staff if you can change coaches. If we feel you are in good reason to ask this which in most cases you are, we will ask you to choose another coach and will make the new coach your chosen coach. No additional fee will be asked. The amount paid will be used for the newly appointed coach using their rates therefore no extra money is needed.

What will they teach us?

I really couldn't say. We believe all our coaches teach in different ways and therefore it would be hard to state what they all teach you. What we can say is they will teach you the mechanical game, the tactical game, neutral objectives and the importance of being the player you always want to be. I advise to look at each coach which the drop down menus have filtered out for you.